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Our mission is to provide German companies with the necessary platform to find and recruit trainees from abroad. To this end, we actively search for talented school leavers and take care of checking their German language skills and compliance with legal requirements for training in Germany.

What does Make-Your-Move offer?
Make-Your-Move offers a comprehensive placement service for international job seekers who want to find training in Germany and companies who want to fill their vacancies with motivated talent from abroad. Through our platform, we manage a curated talent pool that facilitates the recruitment process for companies for companies. We can respond to the specific requirements of our customers with individual service offerings.

In addition, we actively support trainees in their integration into the company and society. This enables us to secure long-term and profitable employment relationships.

Is it for you?
Our service is aimed at German companies that are affected by the shortage of skilled workers and have difficulties filling vacancies. We can support your company, particularly in the area of dual study programs and vocational training.

By far the most important thing for us, however, is the young, international talent that we target and promote.

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Regular informational events
Traineeships in Germany for interested individuals worldwide
We offer regular live sessions for students and graduates on the topic of "Training in Germany for interested individuals worldwide".All questions about the process of vocational training in Germany, its advantages and disadvantages, prerequisites, finding a training place and career opportunities after training are explained.

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