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Why should I look for trainees abroad?
Our customers report an increasing shortage of skilled workers. Demographic trends are leading to an ageing population and a decline in the number of young people entering the labor market. By recruiting abroad, you can compensate for this shortage and find qualified trainees who have the necessary skills and interest.

In addition, international trainees bring new perspectives, ideas and cultural influences to a company. This diversity can foster creativity and innovation and contribute to the development of new solutions and approaches. Companies that operate in international markets, or aspire to do so, can particularly benefit from trainees with international backgrounds. They often bring with them language skills and intercultural competencies that are valuable for dealing with international partners and customers.

You can also strengthen your employer brand by training and developing international talent. This demonstrates social responsibility and openness to diversity, which in turn can make the company more attractive to potential employees, including those from within Germany.
How can Make Your Move help?
Make Your Move supports you in recruiting international candidates for dual vocational training through:

  • Access to a broad talent pool: through a multi-channel approach that includes schools, language schools and local presences, you gain access to a wide range of qualified foreign prospects.

  • AI-based matching and screening tools: Automated processes speed up pre-screening and ensure candidates meet requirements, including visa eligibility.

  • Efficiency in the visa process: By creating visa documents and pre-screening, Make Your Move increases the visa success rate and speeds up the process.

  • Time and cost savings: The recruitment process is significantly simplified, resulting in a 75% reduction in workload and a cost reduction of over 80%.

  • Additional support services: Make Your Move offers modular services to support the integration of skilled workers and other challenges.

Which candidates are available on the Make Your Move platform?
Verified profiles of foreign applicants interested in dual vocational training in Germany are available on the Make Your Move platform. These profiles are collected in a talent pool and checked with regard to their qualifications and requirements for the application and visa process.
How good are the candidates' German skills?
Good German language skills are an important prerequisite for success in vocational training and integration into the German working environment. For this reason, we at Make Your Move attach particular importance to checking German language skills before placement. All profiles on our platform have sufficient German language skills.
How likely is it that the offered candidates will get a visa?
Part of Make Your Move's service is to check the visa requirements of candidates in advance. After a successful application and the conclusion of an employment contract, our verification tool creates the visa documents from the existing documents, thereby accelerating the application process and also increasing the success rate based on the verified documents. Due to the preliminary check by Make Your Move, the visa issuance rate is high. Make Your Move is available as an experienced domestic contact for the authorities at any time during the process.
Does Make Your Move also help with integration?
Make Your Move's portfolio is modular, so we are happy to provide integration support if required. This includes language courses to improve German language skills, cultural orientation courses to promote a better understanding of German culture and society, and support with administrative processes such as applying for visas and finding accommodation. These measures aim to ease the transition for the trainees and promote their successful integration into the labor market and society.
I am interested in the Make Your Move offer. Who can I contact?
You can register here on our company portal with your contact details. We will then contact you as soon as possible with an appointment proposal for a free consultation. We look forward to working with you.

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