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Make Your Move offers comprehensive support by accompanying you from the search for a training place to obtaining your visa to your first day of training in Germany and beyond.
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Checke mit dem Quick-Check ob du die Voraussetzungen für eine Ausbildung in Deutschland erfüllst. Registriere dich auf unserer Bewerberplattform und lege dein Profil an. Werde mit deinen Qualifikationen und Präferenzen passenden Ausbildungsplätzen gematcht.
Mach dich bereit für deine Bewerbung auf die Traumstelle. Wir zeigen dir mit Coachings wie du das Bewerbungsgespräch meisterst. Das klare Ziel: Ausbildungsvertrag
Wir prüfen deine Unterlagen vorab und geben dir Feedback über deine Chancen für ein Visum. Wir erstellen die Visumsformulare und koordinieren deinen Visumsprozess mit den Behörden.
Komm nach Deutschland und starte deine Ausbildung. Ob Wohnungssuche, Versicherungen, Bankkonto oder Deutschkurs - wir geben dir die notwendige Unterstützung für deinen Karrierestart in Deutschland.
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We are your navigator on your journey to an apprenticeship: We guide you step by step through clear milestones to your goal. With our support, you will not only find an apprenticeship, but also lay the foundations for a bright professional future.

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Step 1
Check prerequisites
Check your qualifications to see if you can start vocational training in Germany.
Do the Make-Your-Move Quick-Check for vocational training in Germany.
Step 2
Find an apprenticeship
Find a suitable vocational training position and apply.
Register on the Make-Your-Move applicant platform, create your profile, get matched with apprenticeship positions nationwide, and apply.
Step 3
Apply for a visa
Start the visa process and prepare for your journey to Germany.
After you have signed a training contract, we coordinate the visa process and prepare your entry into Germany with you.
Step 4
Start working
First day of work in Germany.
Make-Your-Move helps you settle in Germany, whether it's finding an apartment, a German course, or dealing with authorities, we connect you and assist
Regular informational events
Traineeships in Germany for interested individuals worldwide
We offer regular live sessions for students and graduates on the topic of "Training in Germany for interested individuals worldwide".All questions about the process of vocational training in Germany, its advantages and disadvantages, prerequisites, finding a training place and career opportunities after training are explained.

We inform about

We look for suitable training for interested people worldwide and initiate contact with German companies.

We support those interested, from checking the requirements for training to the application and obtaining the visa and entering the country.

Whether it's a German course, finding accommodation or dealing with the authorities. Make-Your-Move also supports trainees after they have started their training.
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Not convinced yet? Lots of unanswered questions but you don't know whether an apprenticeship in Germany is right for you? Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our prospective students. Take your time and if you still have questions, then feel free to contact us without obligation. :)

What requirements do I have to meet to start a dual training program in Germany?
  • At least B1 level in German (feel free to do a self-test here: Goethe-Institut)
  • A valid training contract (if you register with Make-Your-Move, we will support you in obtaining a training contract)
  • Approval from the Federal Employment Agency - we coordinate an administrative process with you
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Financial means for self-sufficiency (currently €980 per month, covered by the training allowance)
  • A residence permit for educational purposes
I come from an EU member state. What are the requirements for dual training here?
If you come from an EU member state and would like to start a dual training program in Germany, the requirements are low:No age limit: You can apply for dual training in Germany at any age. No additional authorization required: As a citizen of an EU member state, you do not need any additional authorization to start an apprenticeship in Germany. Also applies to EFTA states: This regulation also applies to citizens of European Free Trade Association (EFTA) states - these are Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland
Why should I complete a dual training program in Germany?
Completing a dual training program in Germany offers numerous advantages and can be an excellent foundation for your professional future. Here are some reasons why dual training in Germany can be an excellent choice:

Practice-oriented training
Theory and practice: Dual training combines theoretical learning at vocational school with practical work experience at the training company. This allows you to apply what you have learned directly and gain valuable work experience. Qualified trainers: In the companies, you will be supervised by experienced trainers who will pass on their specialist knowledge and professional experience directly to you.

Recognized vocational qualification
Officially recognized: You will acquire an officially recognized vocational qualification that proves your qualifications and skills and is highly regarded in Germany and internationally. Wide range of training occupations: Germany offers a wide range of training occupations in various sectors, from traditional skilled trades to modern service and IT occupations.

Good career opportunities
High employment rate: Graduates of dual training have a high employment rate in Germany, as they are trained specifically to meet the needs of the labor market. Career development: After completing your apprenticeship, there are numerous opportunities for further training and career development, for example through further training to become a master craftsman, technician or business administrator.

Financial independence
Remuneration: During your apprenticeship, you will receive a training allowance that will enable you to be financially independent and gain practical work experience. Social security: As an apprentice, you are covered by social insurance, including health, pension, unemployment and accident insurance.

International environment
Intercultural skills: Germany is a multicultural country where you will have the opportunity to develop intercultural skills and work with people from all over the world. Language skills: Not only will you significantly improve your German language skills, but you will also be able to use and expand your English and other foreign languages in an international environment.Quality of life in Germany
High standard of living: Germany offers a high standard of living, excellent public services, a diverse culture and an impressive natural environment. Security and stability: The country is known for its political and economic stability as well as a high level of personal security.

Overall, a dual education in Germany offers a solid basis for your professional future, combined with the opportunity to gain valuable life experience in one of Europe's leading countries.
Do I already have to be in Germany to look for a place on a dual training program?
No, you can register on our platform from the comfort of your home country. If you fill in all the information, we will actively support you in finding a suitable company for your apprenticeship. However, you can also come to Germany to look for an apprenticeship without a training place. The prerequisites for this are German language skills at level B2, a degree from a German school abroad or a school-leaving qualification that entitles you to enter higher education, a maximum age of 35 and the ability to support yourself.
How does dual training work?
Very good question! We have provided the most important information for you here.
What does Make Your Move?
Apprenticeship search
Advice on training opportunities: Information on various training occupations and sectors in Germany. Placement of apprenticeships: Support in finding and applying for an apprenticeship that matches your interests and qualifications.

Bureaucratic support
Help with visa applications: Advice and support in applying for the right visa for training in Germany. Support with recognition procedures: Help with the recognition of educational qualifications obtained abroad in Germany. Advice on residence law issues: Information on residence permits for the duration of your training and beyond.

Integration in Germany
Language support: Support in learning German or improving existing language skills. Cultural integration: Advice and assistance in acclimatizing to German culture and society. Network building: arranging contacts with other trainees, local communities and professional networks.

Further advice
Career planning after the apprenticeship: Advice on further career opportunities after completion of training, including further education and study options. Social and psychological support: providing resources and referrals to services to support personal wellbeing.

If you are interested in these services and would like individualized support, please sign up hereso we can contact you and clarify your specific support needs. "Make Your Move" is here to make it easier for you to start, train and integrate in Germany.
How much does your service cost me?
We have very good news for you. The Make Your Move service is completely free for you.
What happens after the apprenticeship?
Subsequent stay: The competent authority can extend your residence permit by up to one year under certain conditions. You can use this time to look for a job appropriate to your professional qualification and work without restriction during this period. Settlement permit: After four years of professional activity in Germany based on your training, you can apply for a settlement permit. This permit allows you to live and work in Germany permanently, similar to university graduates who can also take this route.
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