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The IT and media sector is dynamic and future-oriented, offers a wide range of apprenticeships and opens up a variety of career opportunities for graduates. Popular apprenticeships include IT specialist for application development, IT specialist for system integration, IT systems electronics technician, media designer for digital and print, and marketing communications specialist. These professions cover a broad spectrum, from the development and programming of software and the installation and maintenance of IT systems to the design of media products and marketing strategies.

Career opportunities in IT and media are diverse and range from positions in start-ups and medium-sized companies to large corporations. Professionals can specialize in areas such as IT security, network technology, data analysis, web development, graphic design, social media management and many others. The sector also offers good opportunities for freelancers and company founders.

Training in IT and media is particularly attractive for young people, as they will be working in one of the fastest growing and constantly developing sectors of the economy. Digitalization permeates all areas of life and is constantly creating new professional fields and challenges. Apprentices learn to work with the latest technologies and develop innovative solutions to complex problems. These skills are highly valued on the job market and offer security in an increasingly digitalized world.

In addition, training in IT and media fosters critical thinking, creativity and the ability to continue learning - skills that are essential in the modern working world. Young professionals have the opportunity to be at the forefront of technological progress, setting trends and driving innovations that shape our society and the way we work.

Overall, training in IT and media offers young people not only exciting and varied fields of activity, but also the opportunity to actively participate in shaping the digital future and have secure career prospects in a growing market.

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