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In Germany, there is a diverse range of sectors offering a wide range of training occupations. These range from traditional skilled trades to commercial and industrial occupations to modern IT and media design professions. The most important sectors that offer apprenticeships include:


These include professions such as carpenters, electricians, hairdressers and automotive mechatronics technicians. The skilled trades offer solid career opportunities, from skilled work to master craftsman qualifications and starting a business.

Hotel and catering industry

The hotel and catering industry comprises companies that offer accommodation, food and drink and are characterized by service and hospitality, with training professions such as hotel specialist, chef, restaurant specialist and system catering clerk to provide travellers and locals with a pleasant experience.


Professions such as industrial mechanic, electronics technician for automation technology or chemical laboratory technician are located here. Industrial professions enable career paths up to engineer or technician with specialized further training.

Retail trade

Apprenticeships such as retail clerk or salesperson offer a wide range of employment opportunities and promotion prospects, for example to store manager.

IT and media

IT specialists, media designers and digitalization management specialists are in demand in an industry that is constantly growing and highly dynamic. Career paths can lead towards specialization or management positions.


Professions such as healthcare and nursing staff, medical assistants or geriatric nurses are future-proof and offer a wide range of opportunities for further training and specialization.

Public service and administration

Here you will find training occupations such as administrative assistant or office communication specialist, with career opportunities up to high administrative levels.

In order to make an informed decision about a sector, you should reflect on your interests, strengths and career goals. We can provide you with information on various professions and sectors. It is important to find out about the future prospects, working conditions and opportunities for further training in the respective sectors. Training in Germany not only provides an entry into the professional world, but also a solid foundation for lifelong learning and professional development. Your choice should therefore be made carefully in order to lay a foundation for a fulfilling and successful career.

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