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There is a really cool way to learn your profession in Germany: the dual training system. Here you combine practice with theory, which means that you don't just sit in school, but also really get stuck in. This apprenticeship usually lasts between two and three and a half years and is divided into school days and working days at the company. A few days a week you will be at vocational school, where you will be taught the basics. On the other days, you will work directly in the company, putting what you have learned into practice and gaining a real insight into the world of work.

This combination of theory and practice prepares you perfectly for working life, because you not only get the necessary knowledge, but also learn how to apply it directly. With over 300 recognized apprenticeships in Germany, you're sure to find something you enjoy and that suits your strengths. Make-Your-Move will be happy to advise you on which apprenticeship suits you best.

The dual training system is very popular with young people in Germany because it offers great opportunities for a job after training. Almost two thirds choose this path. If you would also like to do an apprenticeship in Germany, you should find out what requirements you need to fulfill. Make-Your-Move will help you! The dual system is not only a top apprenticeship, but can also be the starting signal for your career in Germany.

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Make Your Move supports you from the search for a training place to obtaining a visa to the first day of training in Germany and beyond.

Your path to an apprenticeship in Germany
Make Your Move can help you find an apprenticeship from abroad. Once you have been accepted for training by a German company, you can apply for a visa to enter Germany. Make-Your-Move supports you from the search to the application to the granting of the visa.

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We review your documents such as certificates and resume, and assist you with the upcoming application and visa process.
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Contract and Visa
Sign the training contract and upload the documents needed for the visa process. We will create your visa form and develop a schedule for the visa process with you and the company.
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Plan your journey
Got your training contract and visa? We assist you with planning your trip to Germany.
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Start your Apprenticeship
First day at the company, first day at vocational school - our onboarding and networking with other trainees, as well as support in the first months on-site, help you to settle in and start your life in Germany.
We will also be happy to review your CV and update it so that you can submit your application with confidence.

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We offer regular live sessions for students and graduates on the topic of "Training in Germany for interested individuals worldwide".All questions about the process of vocational training in Germany, its advantages and disadvantages, prerequisites, finding a training place and career opportunities after training are explained.

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