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The skilled trades offer a wide range of training occupations, from traditional craftsmanship to modern technical professions. Traditional apprenticeships include carpentry, bricklaying, painting and varnishing, electricity, automotive mechatronics, hairdressing, baking and butchery. These professions stand for a combination of manual skills, creativity and technical understanding.

Career opportunities in the skilled trades are diverse and offer great potential for career advancement and self-realization. After completing their training, tradespeople can continue their education and qualify as a master craftsman in their field, which not only increases their career opportunities, but also offers the chance to start or take over their own business. In addition, specializations and additional qualifications in areas such as restoration, energy efficiency or digital production techniques open up further career paths.

Training in the skilled trades is particularly valuable as it enables young people to develop practical skills and a deep understanding of materials and processes. At a time when digital skills are becoming increasingly important, the skilled trades preserve knowledge of traditional techniques and combine it with modern technologies. This bridging of the old and the new prepares trainees to thrive in both established and innovative working environments.

In addition, craftsmanship offers the opportunity to create visible and lasting results of one's own work - be it by building a house, restoring a piece of furniture or creating individual hairstyles. This immediate feedback strengthens self-confidence and job satisfaction. In addition, the skilled trades play a vital role in the local economy and community, giving young people the opportunity to make a direct contribution to their surroundings.

Choosing an apprenticeship in the skilled trades therefore not only opens up a world of career opportunities, but also the chance to hold on to traditional values while working at the forefront of technological advancement. For young adults looking for a career with a hand and heart, the skilled trades offer a fulfilling and secure career path.

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