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Hossein 23 from Afghanistan, 2nd year of apprenticeship as a stonemason

Make-Your-Move: Why did you decide to train in Germany?
Hossein: Here you learn the systematics and technology behind the work at school and you practice that while working in the company. If you have an apprenticeship from Germany, it's very good for later. And you also get money for doing an apprenticeship here.

Make-Your-Move: What is life like in Germany?
Hossein: I have a cheap room in a hall of residence with other trainees and students. Germany is a safe country. You can do a lot, freedom. You can lead a good life.

Make-Your-Move: What was your biggest challenge?
Hossein: Learning the language. But that goes with time, if you do something, you automatically get better.

Make-Your-Move: Were you afraid to come to Germany?
Hossein: I was nervous at first because I don't have my family here. But you get vacation days, which you can use for visits, and with my boss I can build up overtime and take it off.
Make-Your-Move: What do you want to do after your apprenticeship? I like it in Germany, I'm happy to stay here. The work is easier thanks to the technology and good machines. Maybe I would like to develop further in this area, there are lots of opportunities in Germany.

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